"Chris Adams has a unique gift of musical presence with an audience. He connected with our audience on a very personal level and left us feeling like we just made a new friend. His classical guitar training fused with folk and blues stylings is music to the ears. And, his message is both enlightening and inspiring. We are happy to call him a lifetime member of the coffeehouse."    

Brian Loebig, Manager, 5th Street Coffee House 

        From the moment he steps on stage you can see that Chris Adams loves sharing his music. His classical guitar training is evident, but more than that, the power of his songs. His songs are at once engaging and emotional. His lyrics possess equal amounts of joy and pain of a life filled with experiences. He creatively writes about things that most of us think about and don't know how to put into words. His voice is smooth and gentle, making the listener focus on the words. He is a seasoned performer and that is evident at his performances.

For several years I have had the opportunity to see Chris Adams perform both in the singer/songwriter circle at our venue and on stage. He has the ability to engage the audience thoroughly and completely. Unlike many songwriters, Chris Adam's songs don't all sound alike. They are divergent and expansive, covering the genre's of folk, Americana, blues and jazz. A Chris Adams concert is more than a concert, it is about sharing, sharing experiences in this voyage we call life.

Jane M. Tucker
Steel City Coffee House